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Posting Portfolio

I’ve always felt that one of the deficiencies of the stock posting on the internet is that there is no record available to measure success.  Without a measure how do you really know if the information you are getting is from someone with a proven track record, or some newbie who doesn’t know a thing about the market?  There are so many brash and arrogant posters out there, but do they really know what they are talking about?  Or are they real life (money) losers that can talk a good game but that’s about it.

I’ll be updating the account status on a regular basis.  The start of the portfolio coincides with the start of this blog on July 2nd, 2011.

The tracked account will follow the trades of my most active account.  The only exception is that I won’t be shorting in the tracked account.  So the account displayed here will be “long only”.  I’m generally at least partially hedged with shorts, and sometimes fully hedged with shorts.  So the account cannot fully reflect all my positions.  Be that as it may, it will still provide some insight into my trades and my results.

Performance to Date

My 2011 performance update can be viewed here.

My 2012 performance update can be viewed here.

I didn’t do a 2013 performance update because I got lazy

My 2014 performance update can be viewed at the end of this post.



Open Position (Week 227)

Open Positions (Week 223)

Open Positions (Week 219)

Open Positions (Week 215)

Open Positions (Week 210)

Open Positions (Week 206)

Open Positions (Week 202)

Open Positions (Week 197)

Open Positions (Week 193)

Open Positions (Week 189)

Open Positions (Week 185)

Open Positions (Week 181)

Open Positions (Week 168)

Open Positions (Week 163)


Open Positions (Week 159)

Open Positions (Week 155)


Open Positions (Week 150)

Open Positions (Week 146)

Open Positions (Week 141)

Open Positions (Week 135)

Open Positions (Week 131)

Open Positions (Week 127)

Open Positions (Week 123)

Open Positions (Week 119)

Open Positions (Week 115)

Open Positions (Week 111)


Open Positions (Week 107)

Open Positions (Week 103)

Open Positions (Week 99)

Open Positions (Week 95)

Open Positions (Week 91)

Open Positions (Week 88)

Open Positions (Week 85)

Open Positions (Week 82)

Open Positions (Week 79)

Open Positions (Week 76)

Closed Positions

Q4 2013


Q3 2013


Q2 2013


Q1 2013


Q4 2012


Q3 2012


Q2 2012


Q1 2012


Q4 2011

Q42011 Q42011

Q3 2011

wordpress visitorQ32011

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  1. larry macdonald #

    Interesting. Like to talk about your portfolio for the Me and My Money column in the Globe and Mail? If so, drop me a line at my email

    May 24, 2012

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