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Week 73: A short update

Portfolio Performance

(Note that I am now posting my portfolio composition and list of trades at the end of the post)


This is going to be a short update.  I wanted to get this out over the weekend but did not have time.  The performance snap-shot is as of last Friday, so it does not include the rather impressive moves that occurred yesterday in Impac Mortgage (IMH), Nam Tai (NTE) and Equal Energy (EQU).  To just briefly touch on what happened yesterday, a fund named Iszo Capital announced a 6.2% position in Impac Mortgage after the market closed yesterday.  As for Nam Tai, the company released a video on their website that suggested sales could hit $300 billion per month in the future.  This would be quite the jump from current levels, as the company did $380 million in sales in the third quarter. Read more