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Betting on another Distressed LTL Carrier: Vitran

A lot of my ideas are built upon the work of other people. I spend a great deal of time scouring blogs, watchlists, tweets, message boards and the like, looking for an opportunity that someone else has discovered and that I think deserves a closer look.

Every once in a while I am lucky enough to come across an excellent write-up that encompasses the idea so clearly that I do not have to do all the work myself.  I found this sort of  write-up with Alliance Healthcare a few months ago, though unfortunately since it was published on SeekingAlphaPro it is only available to premium subscribers now (of whom I am not one).

I found an equally good write-up on my latest company of interest, Vitran Corp. The write-up (accessible here), was written by someone who goes by the pseudonym AIGSwap, and does an excellent job of encapsulating the essence of the idea. I recommend reading it before proceeding. All that I plan to do here is provide my own color and update a few important operational changes that have occurred since its writing. Read more