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Two Catalysts at IDT

While I think IDT is cheap when evaluated on its mature business lines, I’m not a big fan of investing in a company simply because its cheap. You can end up sitting on a stock waiting indefinitely  and often your patience runs out before something happens. So there needs to be a catalyst.

In the case of IDT, I see a couple of catalysts. First, I think they are reaching an inflection point where the declining calling card business is overcome by the growing cardless long-distance (Boss Revolution) business. And second, probably the biggest reason for me to have bought the company is that I think they have a hidden gem in a little subsidiary called Fabrix.  While I am going to talk about Boss first, it is Fabrix that I believe that holds the real potential. Read more

The Free Cash flow of IDT (Updated)

I’ve been building a position in IDT Corporation (IDT) over the last month.  The more time I spend looking at the company, the more compelled I am to hold a substantial position in the stock.

I was putting it all together today and I was really struck by the free cash flow when I put it together in the table below.

Note that I have updated this table from the original post to distinguish the total reported cash flow from operations versus the cash flow from continuing operations.  In my estimate of cash flow from continuing operations I tried to eliminate all one time items that impacted cash.  The free cash flow estimate is based on the continuing cash flow from operations:


In addition to the above cash generation, cash and cash equivalents on the balance sheet work out to about $7 per share.  If you account for restricted cash (which given the nature of the restricted cash on the balance sheet I am admittedly not sure you should) then cash is over $8 per share.

The only significant debt on the balance sheet is the “notes payable” item, which is $29 million (or a little over $1 per share), and relates to mortgages on two buildings the company operates in.  The other significant liabilities are accrued expenses and deferred revenues.

The current share price has been fluctuating in the $10 range.

I’ve been looking into the businesses that IDT operates and will post on that in the near future.