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Week 4 Portfolio Update

I got smacked around along with everyone else last week, losing about 5%.  Still I am up almost 3% since inception 4 weeks ago.  I tried to use the volatility to reallocate money towards the stocks that are working the best, and away from what has not been working.

I sold out completely of OceanaGold and Klondex Mines.  I’ve talked about the former in a post already; of the latter it is a mine not yet producing, and so prone to problems, and as I felt the debt ceiling problems would be resolved I did not want to be too overweight in gold stocks.

I sold out of Novus Energy, which had less to do with Novus and more to do with Second Wave and Coastal, which I wanted to money to add to. I also sold out of Newcastle Investments in favor of more Oneida Financial.  I gave my thoughts on Oneida in the last post.

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