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Week 39: Slipping

Portfolio Performance

Portfolio Composition:


The annoying theme that has punctuated my performance over the past few weeks has been the out-performance by my regional bank and mortgage financial service companies and their eclipse thereof by the under-performance of the oil and gold stocks that I own.

Some of the things I am doing are working.  Some of them are not.  Its time to go back to the simple axiom that I first heard from Dennis Gartman:  Do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

That is exactly what I have been trying to do over the past month.  I have slowly (and probably less then efficiently) been reducing my gold and oil positions.  With each subtraction I add to my banks, my mortgage originators and servicers. I’ve also been looking to other places to invest.

No question I would be better off (financially) today if I had dumped the majority of my oil and gold stocks a month ago and focused on my current convictions in banking and mortgage servicing.  Unfortunately,my thinking takes more of a plodding pace, and I rarely am so quick to recognize the truth.  It took me a month to begin to recognize the impact of the LTRO.  It took me about the same amount of time to recognize that I should be out of all the golds and oils but the one’s I truly have conviction in.

This week I sold out of Coastal Energy. With the proceeds I added to Newcastle Financial, PHH Corporation and Nationstar Financial.  Earlier in the week I added to a couple of my bank holdings, Rurban Financial and Bank of Commerce Holdings, while subtracting a portion of Esperenza Resources.

I also returned to Canaco Resources this week.  I wish that I had done with my other gold stocks what I had the sense to do with Canaco a month ago.

As for the week that comes, I don’t see many more changes on the horizon.  I am comfortable with most of the stocks I own.  I have become heavily weighted to US Financials and to Mortgage originators and servicing.  Now it is time to wait and see if the scenario plays out in the way I expect it to.

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  1. Eric #

    Thoughts on selling Fortress vs. buying Nationstar? I’m looking at both.

    April 2, 2012
    • I’m still trying to wrap my head around Fortress. I believe Nationstar is owned by FIG’s PE Fund III and Fund IV. FIG will get some of the profits as the shares are sold, according to 10-K this varies between 10% and 25% for PE depending on fund terms. But what else does FIG own? All kinds of funds and who knows what is in them. Its a black box. The thesis for me is that FIG appears to understand the mortgage servicing opportunity, so you buy on the expectation they will capitalize on that.

      NSM is interesting. I bought b/c they are big into the servicing game, they are a recent IPO and so as of yet uncovered by analysts, they are growing at an outstanding rate, and they have a balance sheet and income statement with VIE’s that obscure the real value. I plan to write it up shortly.

      April 2, 2012

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