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Week 146: Some thoughts on agility

Portfolio Performance


See the end of the post for the current make up of my portfolio and the last four weeks of trades.

Recent Developments

Four weeks ago I wrote:

I think an important pillar of my strategy to take advantage of the concentration that I can have.  I don’t have anyone pressuring me to be diversified or questioning my risk level or anyone to answer to if something goes wrong.  So I don’t hesitate to have a large percentage of my portfolio tied to the names I think will perform the best.

With that said, the names that I am currently of the heaviest weight are, of course, Pacific Ethanol, which remains my largest position by far

Today Pacific Ethanol represents a 2% position for me. Read more


A Starter Position in Glacier Media (

This is the last of a series of posts I’ve written over the weekend discussing a number of changes to my portfolio over the last two weeks.

Why I took a position in Glacier

While I love it when my stocks go up, it can be frustrating when they go up before I have a chance to talk about them. I bought a starter position in Glacier last week.  Here is the buy for my practice portfolio:


I had been planning to say something about Glacier but I wanted to spend a little more time on both the name and the sector to make sure it was indeed a stock I wanted to hold before talking about it. I’m still trying to get comfortable with this whole newsprint theme and Glacier has a few warts on it that I’m still not completely sure about.

However I waited too long.  On Friday the stock jumped 10% and closed the day at $1.45 per share.

I have no idea why the stock popped. I thought for sure someone on BNN must have recommended it, but I scoured their on-line videos and found nothing. Who knows, maybe someone said something at a conference or a presentation. We will probably never know. Read more