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Indaba Capital Values Gramercy Capital

Well it wasn’t a great week for my stocks, but there was a bit of interesting news after the bell tonight with regard to Gramercy Capital.

Indaba Capital filed a schedule 13-D. 13-D is a form stating beneficial ownership.  It needs to be filed by any owner of shares with more than a 5% ownership.  At times it is used as a way of publicizing letters to management.  That was Indaba’s intent today.

Indaba published as an exhibit in the 13-D a letter with two objectives.  First, it asked management to pay the accrued unpaid dividend to preferred shareholders and second, it made the first steps toward their nomination of a  new board member.

I would expect Gramercy to begin to pay the accrued dividends at some point soon, but I can only speculate what managements plans are.  As to the board member, I don’t really see this as terribly important to the stock price.  So the essence of the letter was perhaps interesting, but did not seem to me to be terribly material to the near term future.

What was interesting were the exhibits provided in the appendix.

Indaba provided the details to a similar unit by unit valuation as what was done by Plan Maestro a few months back.  They came back with very similar results.

So according to Indaba Gramercy is somewhere between 30% and 130% undervalued in comparison to its net asset value.  Not bad.

I lightened up on Gramercy this week along with a lot of other stocks.  But I have to say that I find the stock quite enticing still, its cheap, its value is more disassociated than most to the main driver of the market (Europe).  With gold wobbling and my thesis that gold stocks would continue to do well even as the world does not wobbles with it, I think its worth me thinking about whether I should be reallocating capital back into Gramercy and away from some of these gold holdings.

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