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Week 14 Portfolio Update: Treading Water

The only two changes made to my portfolio this week were to add Atna Resources and Brigus Gold to the list of gold stocks that I own.  I plan to write-up Atna in short order, but in the mean time their denver gold show presentation outlines why I like the company quite well.  I remain stubborn (for now) to the fact that gold stocks cannot continue to trade at the same prices they did when gold was $500/oz less.  These companies are making a tremendous  amount of money right now, and that is going to be born out in Q3.  I am holding these stocks through the operational updates, which should begin to be released this week.

Meanwhile the takeover of Daylight Energy this weekend should help buoy my energy stocks next week, and has me actively contemplating adding to my position in Equal Energy at these levels.  If it wasn’t for my continuing wariness of Europe I undoubtably would.  But these are not normal times.

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