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Thoughts about my investment in New Residential’s and a look at their MSR Pools

New Residential has performed poorly over the last few weeks. Pretty much since the release of their 3rd quarter results, the stock has tumbled.  As I mentioned in my previous post, I think that this move in unwarranted, and I have added to my position significantly at and below $6.

I suspect that the market is lumping in New Residential with all the other mREITs.  They are being compared on standard book value metrics and New Residential trades at a significant premium to its book value (20%) while most other REITs trade at a discount to it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are algorithms picking up on the book value discrepancy and automatically shorting the higher price to book companies against longs on the lower ones.  It would seem like a natural trade – short what is expensive, go long what is cheap, and look for opportunities where the dividend of the long exceeds that of the short. Read more